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Over more than two decades, Ryhna has been an artist, entrepreneur, leader and change maker in the Canadian and international cultural and creative industries. Under the banner of Envision Management & Production, Ryhna works with artists to conceive, produce and manage musical projects, often in the realm where music intersects with film, animation, theatre, literature and new technologies - and all in the context of building authentic, long-term careers. Always keen to contribute to her communities, Ryhna has sat on numerous non-profit boards and committees to support a healthy, sustainable, positive and innovative creative economy.

Ryhna Thompson she/her

Producer, Co-Designer

Envision Management and Production

Lesya Maria Nakoneczny is an intermedia artist and arts professional based in Montreal. With a background in both geography and fine art, she has worked on various projects in film, music, the arts, and academia, including co-directing Art Matters Festival, working on the documentary films “A Time To Swim” and “Lament for the Land,” and more. Her current interests include internet culture and ethics, and how capitalism and technology interact with and influence identity, the psyche, collective experience and interpersonal relationships. Lesya joins Pathwaves as a project manager and co-designer from Envision Management and Production.

Lesya Maria Nakoneczny she/her

Project Manager, Co-Designer

Envision Management and Production

Patti has been deeply involved in Canada's independent, underground music and contemporary art communities for more than  25 years—from running labels to performing, making radio and programming events. She joined Brave New Waves on CBC Radio 2 in 1991, becoming Host and Executive Producer, until the program ended in 2007. Until 2012, she continued to front various CBC radio programs that illuminated music, arts and culture across the country. For 11 years she worked as a curator and producer for the MUTEK Montreal festival of electronic music and digital creativity. In 2016 she was the Artistic Director of the Convergence: Electronic Music + Visual Arts residency at the Banff Centre. She continues to work in digital arts and culture for a variety of organizations including, The British Council Canada, Pride Toronto and Envision Management.

Patti Schmidt she/her

Programmer, Co-Designer

Envision Management and Production

Photo of Renelle

Renelle Desjardins Chiasson she/her



Stein is a Foresight Analyst, Mentor, and Educator. She is Lab Director of OCAD's Super Ordinary, which focusses on complex problem solving, new technologies and research methods. She is a founding faculty member of OCAD U’s Digital Futures and Strategic Foresight & Innovation graduate programs. Stein has been an adjunct Faculty at AHO (Norway), the CFC (Canada), and the Unfinished Business School (virtual). Previously acting as Deputy Director and Principal Research Fellow in Technology Futures at SMARTlab (United Kingdom) and part of Nokia Corporate Strategy’s Insight & Foresight group. Earlier work included Sapient Corporation, as Discipline Lead for the Experience Modeling (XMod) group in London, and Director of the User Experience Group.

Suzanne Stein she/they

Facilitator, Futurist, Co-Designer

OCAD University

Image of Aaron

Aaron Williamson he/him


OCAD University

Image of Ziyan

Ziyan Hossain he/him

Facilitator, Researcher, Foresight Analyst

OCAD University

Picture of Fran

Fran Quintero Rawlings she/her

Facilitator, Researcher, Foresight Analyst

OCAD University

Rebecca is a sustainable business specialist who has been co-creating strategies to address the climate crisis with international clients for 15+ years. She is Founder of eco-communications and design agency Black Current, Co-Founder of DEI championing nonprofit Women in Renewable Energy WiRE and Director at TREC Renewable Energy incubator. Rebecca holds a Master of Environmental Studies specializing in Business & Sustainability (York University), and a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight & Innovation (OCADU).

Rebecca Black she/her

Facilitator, Researcher, Foresight Analyst

OCAD University

Dan's a new media artist, teacher and tinkerer based in Montreal, actively developing works in time-based media; including video, programming and electronics. Drawn to the altered perspectives one can provoke with interactivity, he often uses it to promote connections between audiences, objects and the environment.

Dan Freder he/him

Technical Producer

Magally Zelaya is a writer, multimedia journalist, and communications specialist. Her work has appeared in such publications as The Guardian, Al-Jazeera America, the Toronto Star,, and Cosmopolitan UK,. As a fiction writer, she's received support from the Banff Centre for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Rutgers University–Newark and a Master of Journalism degree from the University of British Columbia.

Magally Zelaya she/her

Communications Officer

Allison Outhit LL.B is a Canadian Certified Inclusion Practitioner (CCIP) and former music industry executive with 30+ years in the cultural industries. She the founder of the Alliance for Equity in the Music Industry and the recipient of the 2019 Brian Chater Industry Award, recognizing a transformative commitment to the Canadian music industry.

Allison Outhit she/her

Equity & Inclusion Consultant


Kianah Lécuyer she/her

Digital Marketing Consultant

Jelot Consultation

My name is Le Lin (pronouns: he/they). I am a transgender Teochew-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist, designer, activist, and researcher based from Montréal. I love expanding and finding new ways to create art through print-making, book-making, tattooing, ceramics, and digital web interventions. I am happy to be part of Pathwaves, helping with branding and graphic design. I am a firm believer that art/design/music should be tools of resistance, acts of vulnerability, and community empowerment.

Le Lin he/they

Graphic Designer

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Carms Ng they/them

Web Developer

Mutual Design

Photo of Ceci

Cecilia Portillo she/her

Website Designer

Mutual Design

Photos of Chris

Christian Scott he/they

Website Researcher

Mutual Design

Pathwaves is being produced by Envision Management & Production in partnership with PHI and OCAD University, with financial support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

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Envision is an artist management and cultural production company that works with boundary-breaking, musical and multidisciplinary artists, productions and organizations. Envision works with artists to conceive, develop, produce and manage musical projects, often in the realm where music intersects with film, animation, theatre, literature and technology. Recognizing the potential of meaningful collaborations, Envision builds partnerships worldwide and across sectors for the creation and sharing of works, and has produced tours on 6 continents.


OCAD U is the largest and most comprehensive art, design and media university in Canada. The Super Ordinary Lab at OCAD University looks at near to market or just-in market technologies to understand their social significance and potentialities. Broad-based trends are tracked for the purposes of meaningful innovation in technologies and ethnographic methods are deployed to understand the originating (and exploratory) cultures of production as well as potential users of these technologies.

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PHI is a multidisciplinary organization positioned at the intersection of art, film, music, design and technology. Offering a panoramic perspective of radical ideas focused on collective experience, social impact, and audience interactivity, PHI is committed to future generations of art consumption. PHI consists of the PHI Centre, PHI Studio, artist-in-residence programs, and PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art. Through eclectic programming and a strong emphasis on content creation, PHI fosters unexpected encounters between artists and audiences.