About the incubator

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Delivered virtually from January to March 2022, the Pathwaves Incubator consists of conferences, mentorship, master classes, workshops, individual work, and knowledge-exchange.

A cohort of 18 musicians reflecting the many axes of diversity in this country will be selected and paid for their participation.

Together they will dive into today’s new technologies — from streaming software and VR live shows to NFTs and AI-assisted composition — with the goal of sparking new solutions-oriented thought surrounding the creation and sharing of music.

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The Pathwaves Incubator Program


The KickOff Conference


Unites musicians, tech professionals, and music industry professionals for three days of cross-pollinating dialogue in a virtual laboratory. The conference will delve into the forces shaping music creation, performance, and business in today’s digital world, while equipping musicians with the tools, knowledge, and resources to conceive trailblazing projects that reimagine the way music is made and shared in Canada and around the world.


The Learning Engine


Takes musicians on a two-month guided journey to develop their projects. Participants will work in small teams with the help of mentors, and will receive master classes and workshops to spark innovative advancements in their digital literacy.


The Learning Exchange

MARCH 2022

Convenes participants once more to share their results and learnings, leading to the creation of an accessible repository of collaboratively-created knowledge.

The Pathwaves Legacy closes the program with the publication and distribution of learnings in several media formats to creative communities across the country.

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Land Acknowledgement

Pathwaves is an initiative that has been designed to connect and reach peoples across Turtle Island which is home to many First Nations and Metis peoples, from Mi’kmaki in the east to Haida Gwaii in the west, Dene in the north to Anishinabee nations in the south, and Inuit Nunangat which comprises the four Inuit territories. We express our gratitude to the Indigenous peoples for their stewardship of these lands from which we benefit today.

We wish to recognize that Pathwaves is being produced out of Envision’s headquarters in Tiohtià:ke, on the ancestral territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka nation. The region, since time immemorial, has served as a gathering place marking the area a key site of diplomacy, as well as for the exchange of culture, language, goods, and technological knowledge. It is in this spirit that we convene for Pathwaves, in a space of sharing and exchange. 

In our endeavors together, we wish to be cognizant of the ongoing impacts of colonialism and our responsibility to actively work towards change through recognizing, honouring, reconciling and partnering with Indigenous people. We are committed to making space in this program for Indigenous participation and knowledge and to facilitate sharing back to Indigenous and settler communities.