Results + Outcomes

While the program has been completed, findings and learnings live on with the publication and distribution of the Pathwaves Report, and the sharing of the incubator’s Horizon Scan—available to communities across the country.

The Report documents the design, journey and outcomes for participants. 

The comprehensive Horizon Scan which provided participants with an understanding of the digital drivers of change and trends—and the social, technological, environmental, economic, political, values and legal shifts influencing the future of music in Canada and other markets around the world, is also available for download. 

The aim of sharing these legacy assets is to connect with communities across the country in the hope that they are inspired by the outcomes, and are compelled to continue the conversations. 

Beginning later this year, the Pathwaves Team and Ambassadors will be presenting and facilitating workshops at conferences and events across the country. If you are interested in partnering with us, please be in touch!



Pathwaves Events (Coming Soon)


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